Our Testimonials

Robert Pastore, PhD

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Noah Hyman, the first truly holistic physical therapist I have encountered in my 15-year career.

Deborah Krasnow

I could not walk more than a block or two without having to stop to brace my back against the nearest lamppost or building. – Debra Krasnow

Joseph Lee, MD

I have had the pleasure of working with First Health PT during my time in New York, and give the therapists and staff their high regard. They provided my patients with comprehensive and individualized, hands-on care. My patients often returned with positive comments about their experiences there. In particular, I had the pleasure to work…

Lisa M. Bartoli, D.O

I had the pleasure of working extensively with Mr. Hyman from First Health PT over the past ten years. -Lisa M. Bartoli, D.O


Noah Hyman at First Health Physical Therapy was recommended by my physiatrist as one of the best. And she was right.

Dr. Beth Shubin-Stein

I have known Noah for almost 5 years and have used First Health for many of my patients. Their care and concern for their patients is outstanding and their knowledge and practical application of therapy is excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending First Health as a top physical therapy practice and am always happy…